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To introduce this brand let me first introduce myself:
I'm Maria Trigo (Wheat) Roza (Rose), the great grandaughter of Angela - the woman that brought these two names (Wheat and Rose) together.

Angela was born in Hong Kong and lived half her life in Lisbon.
Angela is the representation of intemporal beauty with a pinch of Asian refinement and Portuguese craftsmanship and attention to detail.

- From Angela to You

Versatility, Quality and Detail

We believe in sustainability as the key for a luxury based product.
Good things take time but last longer is our conviction. For that reason every product is created with three things in mind: Versatility, Quality and Detail. 

We encourage every women to be selective in their consumption and to buy quality products that last a life time and can be used in every occasions. Not only it is way easier to have the perfect outfit with less options but you’ll also be a part of a sustainable movement helping our world to become a better one!

Timeless design

For every occasion


Beautiful & Exclusive Patterns

That will make you feel exquisite & unique


Cool Outfits

With watercolor hand drawn patterns



we are specialized in formal clothing & wedding dresses

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